Our Services

This page contains two sections. The first lists services that may be useful as you create your book, and below that are prices for you to receive printed copies of your finished book. Please contact us to discuss your needs and identify a smooth path to reach your goals.

"Print and deliver" is a good way to publish books destined for family, business associates or other specific readers, or those for which the author has in hand a sales or distribution plan. Books of high quality may have additional marketing possibilities worth discussing.

Peak Vista Press does not push unneeded services; it provides honest assistance at a competitive price. Authors do well to have local friends, family, and others of literary talent review and make suggestions about their ideas and manuscripts before calling upon us, but we welcome you to chat with us at any stage of your project, whether to have us review a finished draft or to ask about ways to get started.

The prices shown below are a reliable reference, but you may have questions or special circumstances. We look forward to discussing your particular needs, identifying the most effective services for your project, and tailoring a quote that gives you the best value.

Our Services and Prices

Relationship and Support

  • Discussion of author's goals and needs: FREE
  • Work scope and price estimating: FREE
  • E-mail support: FREE

  • Idea development: Help writer come up with ideas for book, by random words, discovering knowledge and interests, etc.: $50.00/hour
  • Content development guidance: a class or process to build core ideas, story and dynamics, structure, presentation, and completed skeleton: $50.00/hour
  • Ghost writing: Whole or partial works, to meet periodic approval of customer. Includes discussion, planning, and writing of author-provided story line and data.: $0.2222/word
  • Transcription of legible, organized manuscripts: $0.0185/word
  • Removal of unusable formatting inserted by author: $2.00/page

    Editing and Preparation
  • Merging of multiple text files into one: $5.00/file
  • Conversion of non-standard text files to MS Word: $25.00/book
  • Quick review: Light fix of contents, quality, readiness to print: $0.0023/word
  • Level 1 edit: Spelling, punctuation, grammar, readability: $0.0111/word
  • Level 2 edit: Level 1 plus book analysis: $0.0139/word
  • Level 3 edit: Level 2 plus manuscript organization: $0.0179/word
  • Level 4 edit: Level 3 plus edit of complete base manuscript: genre, audience, plot, pace, characterization, dialogue: $0.0526/word
  • Normal formatting: Usual parts, chapters, paragraphs, front and back matter: $0.0017/word
  • Complex formatting: Styles, numbered paragraphs, tables, footnotes, etc.: Needs calculation
  • Custom fonts and layout styles: $3.00/insertion
  • Custom page headers: $2.00/section
  • Footnotes: $4.00/insertion
  • Chapter/book endnotes: $1.00/insertion
  • Index creation: $0.30/insertion
  • Color insert pages: $0.50/page
  • Tipping in pages: $0.33/sheet

  • Up to 10 TIFF/JPEG image insertions to internal pages (result is B&W): FREE
  • Additional TIFF/JPEG image insertions to internal pages (result is B&W): $2.50/image
  • Image file conversion to TIFF/JPEG (must transform to quality 300 DPI image): $2.00/image
  • Sorting of images, digital or physical, if not in sequence: $0.50/image
  • Small image extraction or scanning for internal pages: items not submitted as TIFF/JPEG: $2.50/image
  • Large image digitization from originals 11” x 17” to 24” x 36”: $20.00/image
  • Minor image correction of color, brightness, contrast, crop: $2.00/image
  • Moderate image correction: Minor items plus simple dodge/burn, reflections, red-eye, dust and lines: $1.50/image
  • Image special effects and manipulations: $4.00/manipulation

    Production Specifications
  • 7 day rapid release of completed manuscript: Edit and normal format, 80,000 words max, no proof in that time: $0.01/word
  • 30 day rapid release of completed manuscript: $0.0056/word
  • Approx. 90 day normal release of completed manuscript: FREE
  • Normal (approx. 10 business day) printing and delivery: FREE

    Cover Creation
  • Standard cover design with title, author, maybe short biography: $70.00/book
  • Consultation and creation of custom front/back color cover design: $250.00/book

  • ISBN & price scan code: $50.00/book
  • Registered copyright: $75.00/book
  • Library of Congress Control Number: $50.00/book

    Printed Proof
  • Set up to print: $25.00/book
  • Proof soft cover: $2.50/book
  • Proof text block: $0.0250/page
  • Proof text S&H: $12.00/book
  • Simple author corrections to proof: $0.50/change
  • Major revisions of book proof: $5.00/change

    Binding Options
  • Soft cover (color): FREE
  • Hard cover (color): $13.00/book
  • Dust jacket (color): $2.00/book
  • Hand marbled sheets (cover skin, end sheets, etc., 10.5"x17"): $6.00/sheet
  • Color printed end sheets (hardcover): $1.20/sheet
  • Plastic Comb Binding: $1.25/book

    Placement for Sale
  • Book placement in the Peak Vista Press Bookstore: $50.00/book


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