How This Works

1. Tell us who you are and a little about your book project on the "Let's Get Started" page. It is great if you will let us know right away of any special needs that we can help you with.

2. Send us a copy of your manuscript. Before all is done, the body text of your work will be a Microsoft Word document. However, if you have your basic story in a stack of notes and you need writing assistance, we will work with you to get everything in place. So, either e-mail us a copy of that Word file that you have prepared, or send us photocopies of those napkins that you have been writing on. We'll work with you.

We want to mention up front that we value art, science, faith and other pursuits. We respect judicious handling of controversial topics, unconventional philosophical views, high impact situations, and realistic activity and language. Writing styles and levels vary widely. These are the substance of the book craft, rich in ideas and fascinating in viewpoints. However, we would decline to publish material that wantonly degrades the human condition, that is blatantly inaccurate or unethical, that promotes bigotry, or that violates copyright or other laws. If there is a question on these boundaries, we will gladly discuss that with you.

The copied materials that you send are not normally returned, and they are shredded after use. If return of an item is needed, please arrange that with us before you send it.

3. With no cost or obligation to you, we will review your material to see whether your book is particularly short or long, rough or perfected, simple or complex in format, and so forth. If your work could use some help, we'll tell you that and let you decide what you want. If your high quality product noticeably reduces our work, we'll save you some money.

4. As soon as you know what services you want and we are able to advance your creation toward publication, you can place your order and we will begin work. We will perform any composition, editing, formatting and other services that you have requested, using the Chicago Manual of Style as a primary guideline. Payment for the order is due when the order is placed.

5. Our graphics designer will contact you to discuss ideas for your book cover. Based on that discussion, she will create and send you two designs to choose from. You will tell her your choice, and then you will create the text for the back cover and send that to her.

6. At appropriate times during editing and formatting, you will receive updates for your review and approval. We will arrange this interaction with you, and your timely responses will allow your project to move forward smoothly.

7. When you agree that your book is ready, a proof-text of your book will be printed and delivered to you. You may mark any errors made by the publisher or the printer and up to twenty minor corrections to your own work. These will be revised without charge.