Who We Are

Peak Vista Press believes in the principles of giving honest service and good value to our customers. Our values and ethics are firmly founded in Christ. We take our responsibility to humankind seriously, knowing that our success begins with planting and nurturing your success.

The act of creating a book demonstrates your passion, message, talent and skill. After you write your manuscript, though, where do you go next? Publication can seem an unconquerable hurdle. We are here to cut through the barrier that keeps your important manuscript from becoming a quality, printed book.

We've assembled a staff of highly qualified individuals to work on your manuscript. The designer of your book cover has a college degree in Design Graphics. Our editors and document preparers are skilled in Word formatting and include Master's degrees in fields related to English, literature, linguistics and foreign languages. The printer that we use has a million dollar press and other quality equipment to produce your book. We are committed to putting high quality within your reach at an affordable price.

We keep our prices low by avoiding overhead and excess infrastructure. We give assignments to our staff on a contract basis rather than by salary, giving them a full opportunity to earn in relation to production and enjoy flexibility in their schedules. We review the work that is done to ensure that you get all that you pay for. We have no remorse about trying to give you a good deal while remaining fair toward our staff.

Here are our central goals:
    1. To reach the unpublished author
    2. To offer the highest quality and lowest prices available
    3. To make our services available to the average author
    4. To operate with the highest standards of transparency and integrity
    5. To bring to the marketplace previously unpublished authors

If you have questions, please just pick up the phone and call us. Ask for Jerry. He wants to help. The number is 719-749-2126.

Don't be intimidated by the unknown. We all began somewhere, sometime. We're eager to answer your questions, offer guidance and counsel, and encourage you in your calling as an author.