Why Self-Publish?

Maybe you have put together a book that would interest your family and friends, or you want to publish a manual for your company. Or, maybe you have created something that you want the world to read. Either way, self-publishing may be the best choice for you.

Anecdotes abound concerning how many of the world's most famous authors submitted their work to publisher after publisher for consideration, waiting years for results if they ever came. Many well-known authors first received recognition after publishing their own books rather than waiting for a huge publishing house to appreciate their talent. Normal questions related to seeking a traditional publisher include these:

  • Will they even talk to me about my book if I don't have an agent?
  • Will they turn me down flat because I am not yet famous?
  • If I just send them my book, will they actually read it?
  • If they read it, will they notice that it has quality?
  • Even if they like it, will they reject it because it doesn't match their market plan?
  • If they accept it, will they edit it until it is no longer recognizable?
  • After they take the book and the copyright, will I have any say at all?
  • If they "kill" the marketing of my book, can I ever take it to another publisher?

Self-publishing allows you as an author to by-pass these traditional problems. You take your book directly to publication.

1. You control your manuscript. Our editing is subject to your approval.

2. You own the copyright. You have the power to keep it in print, rather than have it fall victim to someone else's change in marketing plan.

3. You have strong input into the cover design. Our professional graphics designer welcomes your input and suggestions in developing your book cover.

4. You control the distribution of your book. Major publishers use channels that may not fit your niche. You can address regional appeal and target specific distribution and marketing methods.

5. You can receive a much higher percentage of profit by handling your own marketing. Most traditional publishing houses offer a 15% royalty based on the wholesale selling price. At $7.00 wholesale, your royalty is $1.05. If you do the marketing, you can make up to the full retail price minus the cost of ordering copies of your book. Your profit could be 300% to 400% of what you pay to print your book.

6. The turn-around time to get your book into the marketplace is relatively short. We can expedite your book substantially, but our nornal workload usually allows it to be published in under two months.