The Integrity Meltdown

by Theresa Melaragno

CoverIM It has taken only a few decades for America to degenerate from a society of great freedom and world-leading prosperity to one of routine corporate and political scandal, back door deals, Ponzi schemes, layoffs, exportation of jobs, addiction to handouts, surveillance, and now government bailouts and takeover of private business. We will soon lose what we have unless our nation takes notice and returns to integrity. This book, The Integrity Meltdown, explains the critical role of integrity in freedom, prosperity, and success. It makes a vital difference in government, business, family, and all human relationships.

“Melaragno’s Integrity Meltdown is an epistemic symphony of worldviews revealing how scientific pluralism, Wright’s self-interest morality and Lash’s different rationality, have merely created ethical confusion. She boldly takes on the myth of moral relativism and the conspiracy of mediocrity. She illustrates with colorful simplicity how the rhythm of integrity co-creates value and future successes. This book is captivating.”

– Dr. John Aldridge, Colorado Christian University

“Integrity is the hallmark of military professionalism. This book clearly reminds us of the role that integrity plays to maintain a nation of vision and hope. A terrific book.”

– Richard H. Goldsmith, Colonel, US Army

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Foundations of Maturity

by Jerry Charles

CoverFOM God has a plan for your life! That you might grow in His grace and mercy, and prosper in everything you do. These instructions can only be found in the Word of God.

Foundations of Maturity contains two major themes that will encourage you on the path of growth and maturity.

Theme #1 discloses nearly all of the ways God offers His strength, support and encouragement to the believer. He has made preparation for every need the believer will ever encounter while here on earth. There are strengths that come from God the Father. Strengths that come from Jesus, and Strengths that come from the Holy Spirit. Most importantly, there are many strengths that God trusts the believer to equip himself with.

Theme #2 is a complete and exhaustive Biblical Encyclopedia on Fasting. Every scriptural reference and allusion to fasting is researched and highlighted. Some chapter titles are: What is Fasting?, False Fasts, and Christ Teaches of Fasting.

There is a heavy emphasis on God's Word in Foundations of Maturity, with 1,400 scriptural references.

Soft Cover, 150 pages
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Life, Light & Legacy - to you

by Jerry Charles

CoverLLL Are you looking for a different type of devotional? One that is Bible-centered, refreshing but yet inspiring? Well! Here it is. A Daily Devotional with 2,555 scriptures in it. Each day has a certain theme with 7 scriptures referencing that theme.

This book is also an excellent sermon-starter for the minister. Matter-of-fact, many of these devotions were actually sermons preached bay the author.

This book can also be a Bible-study all by itself, Since it is topically based, it also provides answers to many of the questions of life.

Some of the topics are: Eternal Strengths of God, Strengths Provided by God, and Strengths the Believer Acquires as he acts in obedience to God's word.

Soft Cover, 370 pages
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The Image

by Carl Barton

CoverTI The Image is a secular and sacred audit trail of values that drive the nations of the western hemisphere.

Of particular interest are those values which bring these nations in to the 21st century. This is the age in which we live. It is also the feet and toes period of The Image.

The values of the western world have their roots in Judea and Greece. The roots of the new world's values, just a few years hence, will emerge as the result of an extreme loathing for anything religious. The excuse will be the near destruction of the United States and the total annihilation of the Middle East, which it will be said, is the result of uncontrolled religious passions. Following a brief period of peace, there will be one who will emerge with the solutions to war and peace, economic recovery, and religious extremism.

The world which once rejected the original Prince of Peace will openly accept the one who will destroy them. The Image will clarify many of your questions and concerns about the world of the past, present, and future.

Soft Cover, 200 pages
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Finishing Well

by Dale M. Wolyniak

CoverFW What are the factors leading to burnout and potential resignation from ministry? A healthy minister who has been healed, cleansed, and empowered by the Holy Spirit will be the one who not only starts the race, but finishes well. Much effort is spent on professional counseling after problems have developed. Maintenance of our ministers in the midst of stress will facilitate better communication and longevity. Using the acrostic STAND, five stressors in ministry are identified - Style of leadership, Time management, Accountability, Nurturing relationships, and Demands and expectations - any one of which can short circuit healthy ministry. Practical suggestions are offered that can assist in these areas. Finishing well in ministry requires one to start well, establish adequate support systems and values, and stay committed to the calling, Developing a balanced life and ministry takes time and effort. In the special calling to pastoral ministry, God has provided each person the strength, wisdom, and support to not only establish an effective ministry, but also to sustain it. Let us take what He has provided, put our hands to the plow, and not look back. Let us go from calling to completion, knowing that there is a reward and blessing from the One who calls - our Lord Jesus Christ.

Soft Cover, 180 pages
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