Hard Covers and Marbled Papers


Hard cover binding is now available through Peak Vista Press! Soft covers are the standard for trade books, but hard covers are a robust choice for the more prized and permanent reference or literary members of your home or organization library. Authors are welcome to request hard covers for their works. Also, anyone with a book that needs a hard cover is urged to contact us. We will gladly turn your paperback into an upgraded presentation, replace the worn or torn covers on your favorite works, and respond to your specialized or creative needs. The book shown in the above photo was printed in 1969, but after many years its owner loaned it to a friend. You can guess the rest! We hand covered this one with a hollow spine style of case, marbling the outer cover in the owner's high school colors.

Marbling is an old tradition of decorating paper in the book binding trade. It reached a peak of popularity in the late 1800's, declined for a while, and then returned to artistic use in the later decades of the 20th century. Peak Vista Press offers various styles, colors, and variations, with each original as unique as a fingerprint. We invite you to request marbled paper for the outer binding of your hard covered books, the end sheets inside the covers of those books, and as individual sheets for your own projects. Marbled patterns can also be applied to the page edges of hardcover books (before attaching the case), giving the closed book a nice appearance. Also, photographic versions of these designs can be used on hard book covers, soft book covers, and dust jackets in combination with photographs, text, bar codes, and other requests.

Cover and dust jacket designs are your book's first and therefore strongest presentation. People really do judge a book by its cover before they investigate further. We would like to talk with you about your needs for a cover design, whether you would like plain colors, patterned paper, illustrations, photographic images, or something else. A hard cover is typically simpler in appearance than a soft cover, with the author biography, endorsements, bar codes, and so forth appearing on the dust jacket, but books and their covers are both works of art. While art employs basics that normally enhance success, art remains art, not confined to absolute rules. There are many wonderful possibilities! (And some rules that should be followed.)